The LanoShield story

We first came across lanolin products for rust and corrosion protection when we were researching new nano coatings at some of the world’s leading marine trade shows to protect the fittings on the boat trailers that we sell.

We were looking for new chemical and electrolytic “nano” coatings which we did not succeed in finding – despite some claims which turned out not to be supported by evidence.  We did however find a solution in lanolin – a by-product of processing sheep’s wool for use in finished woollen products.  The lanolin is the natural grease that keeps sheep dry and warm here in the harsh British weather and can be put to good use keeping our trailers and other equipment waterproof and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Our research identified products from the USA and also Australia and New Zealand.  However, these products all combined the lanolin with a base of naphtha which is a refined petroleum product.  Given that the lanolin is naturally occurring, we wanted the final product to be 100% sustainable and from renewable resources and so existing products did not meet our requirement.

We believed that there had to be a better way and, working with leading UK chemists, we have developed a product with a 100% sustainable base of oil from a widely sown crop.  So unlike the other products, LanoShield is 100% sustainable and derived from renewable resources.

We recommend it to you.