Common Domestic Applications 

LanoShield can be used on metal, nylon, rubber (inc. Hypalon), vinyl, wood, plastic etc.

Apart from boat trailers (the original reason why this was developed) LanoShield can be used for lots of other things. Due to this, we thought it would be helpful to list a few common examples of how our clients have used it.

  • Bicycles
    LanoShield protects against rust and corrosion and is jet wash resistant to 3000psi. It means you can still wash your bike without losing protection. It is also a great lubricant so we recommend also applying it to the chain
  • Power and Hand Tools

LanoShield is great for putting on tools in your garage i.e. saw blades, socket sets, mole grips, pliers etc.  It is also commonly applied to drill bits and power tools e.g. band saws and angle grinders etc.

  • Lawnmowers

The most common area for LanoShield on lawnmowers is the blade and this is most often done when it has been sharpened or put away for winter.  It will also make the nut easier to come off if the blade is being removed to get sharpened or replaced

  • Motorbikes
    Most motorbike owners hate rust and hence we have found an increasing number of owners applying LanoShield to problem areas of the bike. The other feedback we have had is that owners who have applied LanoShield have used the bike more in winter as they know it is protected from the salt on the roads
  • Garden equipment & barbeques
    Garden ornaments, barbeques, hinges on gates, nails, screws etc. are all quickly protected by LanoShield
  • Cars
    LanoShield is a fantastic way of keeping your classic car in top condition. Defending against rust which has a devastating impact on the looks of the car, not to mention the financial impact of repairs. Preventing rust and corrosion also enables the car to achieve top price when the time comes to sell on. There is no risk to plastic, rubber or leather areas of the car either as LanoShield causes them no harm and in fact protects them.

Apart from the obvious i.e. wheel nuts, battery connections etc. it is also perfect for protecting bulkheads (old Landrovers being a classic example) and for use underneath the car to protect it from corrosion


As LanoShield protects against acid, alkaline, corrosion, water and is safe to use on most products e.g. metal, leather, rubber, plastic, wood, vinyl etc. there are a lot of uses for the 100% eco-friendly solution.

For further information or to Order LanoShield please call: 0141 482 7007 or email