Lanoshield Marine Applications

LanoShield was originally made to stop galvanic and salt corrosion on boat trailers but this has now expanded into many other areas.

Yacht cradles / boat stands

Though these are galvanised, LanoShield protects the nuts bolts and akro’s (found on the better versions ie Tennamast equipment)  to enable these to stop corrosion but also for its  anti-seize properties.

Launching equipment from tractors to boat hoists

Looking after and servicing boat launching and recovery equipment is far easier when protected by a thin layer of LanoShield compared to standard greases due to how long it lasts. This means re-greasing is done far less often.  Apply a very thin layer to hydraulics, nuts, bolts, linkage etc

Where people are using cars to launch, a thin layer of LanoShield spray  is also applied to the underside of the vehicle to reduce salt air corrosion of the vehicle chassis.

Sailing Boats

Lanoshield works as a lubricant and anti-seize and lasts far longer than other solutions on the market, so it is ideal for shackles, winches , protecting switch panels (LanoShield does not conduct to 70W) and to stop algae growth of propellers

Fishing equipment

Lanoshield is becoming increasingly popular for commercial fishing boats on the hauling equipment used for nets, creels pots etc.  The longevity of Lanoshield means it stays in place far longer than other greases and lubricants.

Aquaculture equipment

LanoShield is currently used on machinery that cleans and filters the water in the tanks for baby fish including the wrasse.  It is also used on machinery to mooring systems and as it is 100 % eco-friendly no harm is done to the water or the fish.    It also extends maintenance intervals due to how long it stays in place.