Farming and Agriculture

Though lanolin is well known In the farming sector it is only recently that that it has been used as commercial grease, lubricant and anti-seize solution.

In Australasia lanolin based solutions are also used to create a pressure washer safe barrier against many caustic things found on the farm as not only is it it long lasting but also does not harm the environment or the animals.

One of the first uses was to spray quad bikes and other ATV’s not only to stop the caustic problems but also to aid the speed of servicing by making the most of the anti-seize and anti-corrosion properties.

Increasingly lanolin solutions ie Lanoshield are being used in a much wider variety of applications on the farm:

  • Hinges/ gates
  • Tractors/ quad bikes, ATV’s
  • Various farm machinery
  • Tools
  • Spraying wooden buildings
  • Electric connections
  • Gear boxes / cogs
  • Winches/ lifting equipment including ratchet straps
  • Underneath road vehicles

For these reasons LanoShield is sold in a variety of options from small handy tubs / sprays (some have extended hoses) to larger ICB’s and 202L drums of grease. 

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