Commercial Applications

Farming and Agriculture

LanoShield is a simple and effective solution for lubricating, preserving and protecting all agricultural machinery e.g. tractors and attachments, combine harvesters, quad bikes, 4 x 4’s etc.  It also protects hinges, locks, slide bolts on gates.  In addition it reduces the maintenance and servicing time on machinery as a LanoShield protected component is far easier to remove than seized parts due to corrosion. It also protects against fertiliser and manure corrosion as it is acid and alkaline resistant.for more information please see our Farming and Agriculture page.


LanoShield can be used on vehicle chassis, panel work, frames, pins and bushes and a wide variety of other areas e.g. bulkheads, wheel nuts, jubilee clips, rubber hoses, hydraulic fittings etc.


Excellent on boats, trailers (this was the original reason for manufacturing LanoShield), inside boat motors (eliminates deterioration of rubber and wiring components), outboards and stern drives, propellors, cables, anchors, winches, fishing equipment including chain and other trawling equipment, any aluminium or stainless steel fittings. LanoShield does not pressure wash off therefore perfect for protecting all types of commercial boats


LanoShield represents great value as a general workshop lubricant for use on nuts, bolts, chains, threads, rubber seals, locks, drilling, cutting, hinges, handles, springs and coils. It is also non-toxic, pressure washer to 3000 psi safe and 100% eco-friendly.


LanoShield stops rust forming even in places you can’t reach. Spray LanoShield on truck underbodies and wiring systems, and allow its natural water-repelling properties to help protect vehicles from water, mud and corrosive chemicals. LanoShield also works well on servicing parts i.e. reduces the need to use heat/penetration oils etc. and hence parts are not only protected but easier to remove.


This is one of the biggest areas for LanoShield.  Use the grease or spray to protect expensive fishing equipment, winches, lifting gear, cogs and even the boat from rusting.  We can supply a hard grease, a soft grease (for large areas) and spray versions for quick application when servicing the boat or for repairs whilst at sea

Construction & Industrial

Cranes, barges, harbour equipment, diggers, loaders, excavators, wind turbines, all plant machinery, factories, production lines, quarry equipment and much more. The list of uses for this sector is huge and as its non-toxic it can be used without protective clothing

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is one of our largest markets – to prevent corrosion it comes in small spray 500ml bottles for small applications to 1000l IBC’s for refilling or for use on rigs and workshops

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