How to apply guide 

Please find below our recommendations on using LanoShield


A little LanoShield goes a long way so we recommend using a small brush to coat all nuts and bolts, winch, etc. For the best finish simply wipe of any excess with a rag.  Leaving any excess on will obviously not harm your trailer so wiping of any excess is matter of choice and not a requirement!


Many parts of cars are prone to rust and so common areas to use LanoShield are on all bolts and nuts, bulkheads etc.  As with trailers we have found the easiest way to apply this is by using a small brush and remember to cover the thread on the bolts as well as all nuts.  It can also be applied to your car battery terminals to stop corrosion

For larger areas like bulk heads either use our spray or simply a larger brush but as you only need a thin coating spread thinly.   Please note that if you prefer a thinner grease i.e. more like a gloss paint consistency LanoShield can be heated up by placing the jar in a microwave for 30 seconds on full power

Fishing equipment 

If like us you get fed up with rusty knives and other equipment LanoShield is a simply way to protect your gear.   As most of our equipment is quite small we found the best way to apply was to use the spray.  Another method we like is to heat up the tub in a mug/pan of hot water or to put LanoShield in a microwave to soften it and then simply dip the fishing tackle into the tub

Nuts, Bolts, Shackles etc

By far the quickest way we have found is to use the spray or a clean rag. Simply wipe on remembering to cover as much of the screw thread as possible.

Agricultural Machinery

This is often applied to large areas and hence using the spray version works best.  Your other option is heating the grease up to make it softer and then wiping it on as if washing the machinery.  Please remember to wash off dirt first for best results


Clean the chain, gears, nuts, bolts screws first and then apply the LanoShield. This will not only protect your bike but also enable you to wash it without the LanoShield coming off even if using a pressure washer to 3000PSI

Other applications 

For commercial use e.g. lathes, chain, farm machinery, aquaculture etc. our tip is to use a little as it goes a long way. Brushing is one method but others include:

  • Coating a rag with LanoShieldand apply as if polishing a car
  • Applying LanoShield to a foam pad and then applying it
  • Using a spray gun for very large service areas


If heating LanoShield please be aware that it can get very hot so precautions should be taken. Though the product is non-hazardous it can be hard to get off so we recommend using protective gloves

For further information please call: 0141 482 7007 or email