Welcome to Lanoshield

LanoShield is a natural, environmentally friendly product that provides long lasting protection and lubrication properties to an endless variety of marine, agricultural, commercial, industrial, electrical and many more uses.

Across the world people and companies have been using environmentally friendly Lanolin based products for a wide variety uses of rust protection and/or lubrication including:

  • Tools e.g. power tools, blades & saws, lawnmowers, socket sets, etc.
  • Trailers including boat trailers, box trailers, caravan chassis, horse boxes etc.
  • Boat propellers (stops marine growth)
  • Winches
  • Chain
  • Motor trade
  • Fishing tackle and equipment (commercial and leisure)
  • Nuts & bolts
  • Fuse boxes and electric wires up to 70W
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Aquaculture equipment
  • Bikes e.g. race, mountain, motor bikes etc.

Unlike a lot of other lanolin products we wanted ours to have no petroleum base added  (works as a softener) so we use a widely grown seed oil. This means that LanoShield uses 100% renewable resources.

Key Feature Summary  

  •           Water resistant
  •           Power wash resistant up to 3000 psi
  •           Non leaching
  •           Non evaporating
  •           Acid & Alkaline resistant
  •           Non conductive to 70w
  •           Salt resistant
  •           Rated as non hazardous

For further information on LanoShield please call 0141 482 7007 or click here to send us a message